iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak Using Pangu

ios 8.0.2 untethered jailbreak

Is it possible to do iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak so early?

Absolutely Yes! The pangu jailbreak team mentioned on twitter on september when the iPhone 6 was released and then again when ios 8.0.2 was released that they were working day and night for the jailbreak. They had found a few vulnerabilities from ios 7.1.2 that they didn’t use and saved them for this day. They knew apple would not make their life easy but they actually did. Apple didn’t manage to patch those and the pangu team along with some new ideas and exploits managed to perform the iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak on the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 plus.

How was this all possible?

We are all shocked by this early release of the iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak by the pangu official team. They mentioned earlier in their tweets that there was expected a jailbreak on late october if everything went smooth and according to the plan and the iOS 8 users were lucky enough. But something happened when they found a new exploit on the apple servers that made the iOS 8 Jailbreak Untethered possible. With all the jailbreak teams like evaders and pangu being in race with each other who releases the jailbreak first this created a competition. This means the teams worked harder because there is money involved in this bussiness. More teams working for jailbreak means more possibilites that an exploit would be found.

ios 8.0.2 untethered jailbreak compatible devices

Pangu managed to be the first team to find the exploit and release it to the public for free. Many apple iOS users who updated to iOS 8.0.2 were hopeless but now everything is actually solved! With the release of the iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak there are many happy apple users who managed to jailbreak their iphone 6 which is the latest iphone and was rumored it would never be jailbroken!

After a few weeks of the iOS 8.0.2 release there are many speculations and some users who put some fake videos on youtube where they switched the iphones and made it look like the jailbreak was actually real. They modified the video so it looked like it was an iOS 8 jailbreak software running in the computer but it was the old pangu jailbreak tool v1.2.1

The youtube managed to close this videos down because they were trying to profit from them.Many iOS 7 users updated to iOS 8 because they thought the jailbreak was actually possible. The real pangu team could not accept this tricks and they worked even harder to release a working iOS 8.0.2 Jailbreak Untethered which they released on Late September.Down Below you can see the full video tutorial on how to perform the iOS 8.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak safely. There are no risks on bricking your iPhone using this jailbreak. But just to be safe make sure to backup your device first because this is a very common mistake in this field and many people lose all their information and contact. Even though many people don’t actually care it is best your perform a safe backup and then continue with the jailbreak ios 8.0.2 untethered process.